Once a year, animals - domestic, farm, exotic of all sizes and shapes attend church with humans to celebrate them and to receive blessings. With or without a pet, it is one of the most solo friendly Sunday morning events in New York City.

Part of the thrill is mingling before the event. People and pets arrive early to secure an aisle seat for the procession of animals which include furry friends such as a camel, a horse, a donkey, a chinchilla, an assortment featured friends and reptiles. Many of the pets dressed up for the occasion as did their humans.

The mass was intermingled with a concert and performed by singers, dancers, musicians and puppeteers

Afterwards there were festivities and blessing of domestic pets one on one with members of the clergy. Here I met rabbits, cats, dogs amidst minstrel performers who dressed just like them.

Throughout there was this feeling of specialness and community and gratitude for all creatures on earth.

When and where have you paid tribute to paws, claws and hoofs